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1. No less than 10 members: Before you can become a Sanctioned Club, you will need to have at least 10 paying members. Club members are not required to be in a kennel. The club’s name as well as the yearly membership fee is to be decision of club. (i.e. $20.00 for a single person and $30.00 for a married couple or family.)

2. Elect Officers: After you have established your membership, you will need to hold an

election of officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

3. Establish a separate account in the clubs name: Start a checking account in the club’s name with the membership fees. (Two signatures required on account) Keep in mind that all fees

collected are that of the club and not one individual person. All monies collected will go toward club functions, shows, etc. The club treasurer regarding club funds should keep detailed


4. Establish club’s Constitution and by-laws. The club will need to establish their individual Constitution & By Laws. This describes duties of the officers, clubs mission statement,

procedures of operation etc. A copy of the club’s Constitution & By Laws will need to be sent into the office.

5 Sanctioned Shows There must be at least one fun show before you can have a sanctioned show. You must have at least one sanctioned show during the year. All dogs must be pre-registered with Rapid Reply Registry either before the show or can be registered the day of the show. All club members dogs must be registered ahead of time.

6. Fun Shows You may have as many fun shows that you would like to generate membership and club revenue for future shows. All rules apply at fun shows and sanctioned shows. Dogs do not have to be registered for a fun show.

7. Trophies and Ribbons All trophies and ribbons must be purchased through Rapid Reply Registry. A 30 day notification with payment is required before the show is scheduled. Trophies and Ribbons will shipped a week prior to the show date. It is recommended to give out plaques and ribbons at the fun shows and then trophies and ribbons at the sanctioned shows.

8. Judges (You may use judges of your choice at the fun shows.) Judges will be supplied for confirmation and weight pull by Rapid Reply Registry for all sanctioned shows at a minimal cost to the club. If you have someone that is interested in becoming a judge please feel free to have them contact Tom Ratliff @919-498-2647 or